Myanmar’s hotel land prices on the rise

After 50 years under military rule Myanmar is now seeing an influx of foreign investors and tourists that has begun to increase hotel development and demand.

Legal Aspects of Real Estate investments in France

Much more than the Anglo-Saxon law system, French law is predominantly based on written proof, therefore the State intervenes more in private transactions to further ensure contractual exchanges. To achieve this goal, the State delegates powers to a qualified professional such as the “Notaire” to ensure the contracts. Thus, the French Notaire authenticates the agreements. […]

Why invest in US Property?

For many years, the USA has been a popular investment destination for holiday homes. However, for reasons we shall explain in this article, America is fast becoming the number one location for serious property investors seeking extraordinarily-high yields and returns.

Smart residential property investments in Singapore

To avoid the pitfalls of property investment, you should consider the following points carefully before purchasing your next residential unit in Singapore.

Luxury tax to be introduced in Taiwan

Authorities in Taiwan are poised by pass what has been dubbed a “luxury” tax which was given tentative legislative approval last week.